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Webinars regarding employment - Don't miss out

Skills for Care is looking to organise some short virtual events with JobCentre Plus and the National Careers Service and are looking for some volunteers.

2 types of events to help with recruitment into the care sector open across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

  1. Sessions for JobCentre Plus (JCP) Work Coaches – these will be information sessions and myth-busting about working in the adult social care sector. The idea of these sessions is to give the JCP Work Coaches as much info as possible about working in the sector so that they can positively promote this to job seekers and then refer the right type of people to employers.

  2. Sessions for job seekers – these sessions will tell individuals about working in the sector and any employers who speak at them can also signpost to specific vacancies so it’s a good opportunity to advertise.

The request is could you speak for 10 minutes about working in your part of the sector (care home, home care, supported living or PA) on any of the following dates:

Sessions for Work Coaches:

  • 17 January 3-3.30pm

  • 20 January 2-2.30pm

Sessions for job seekers:

  • 17 February – 11-12

  • 6 April – 11-12

  • 9 June – 11-12

  • 8 September – 11-12

  • 10 November – 11-12

  • 19 January (2023) – 11-12

  • 13 March (2023) – 11-12

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